revival Institute
Our Team
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Vadym Aristov
Founder and ideological leader of the Revival Institute
Veronika Kobzysta
Еxecutive director. PR-specialist
Oleksandr Kuzmenko
Director of the Eastern Ukrainian Representative Office of the Revival Institute.
Territory Development Expert
Andrii Dyniak
Health Analyst. USMLE-certified family physician and former advisor Deloitte Corporate Finance
Markian Kostruba
Head of the Department of Hromada Development. Expert in Design Thinking techniques.
Roman Paraskevov
Head of the Department of Region Development. Expert in Agile techniques.
Dmytro Zheludko
Economist. Analyst.
Big Data Specialist.
Władysław Murawicki
Analyst, Digital technology specialist.
Oleksandr Medvedenko
Serhii Kliutsa
Lawyer. State finance consultant
Malvina Dadykina
Educational Consultant. Inclusive teaching methods creator
Kostyantyn Darmostuk
IT-consultant in educational area
Kostyantyn Panasiuk
Regional Infrastructure Development Consultant.
Expert on the design of inclusive spaces for education.

Liudmyla Ohanova
Educational Consultant. Architect of educational programs

Ksenia Panasiuk
Educational Consultant. Expert on launching alternative schools for children.

Viktoriia Kyrychenko
Marketing. Digital-technology specialist