Presentation of an analytical project on the reform of the primary care unit in the Odessa region
On May 25, the Revival Institute presented a project for the reform of the primary health care sector in the Odessa region.

Starting from November, 2016, we studied the status of the primary link. A team of more than 30 experts conducted
in-depth analysis of healthcare, including legal and economic aspects, technical equipment and utilities, service components and the level of informatization.

On the basis of the received information, we created the Guideline for communities with step-by-step instructions for optimizing the primary link on the ground.
The development stage is complete. And the implementation stage has already begun.

Thanks to the deputy of the Odessa Regional Council Maria Gaidar and the head of the Savrasky district of the Odessa region Vitaliy Svichinsky, in a few months the village Baksha of Savransky district will work as a clinic of new standards.

Ideologists of the project were Director of the Revival Institute for Future Aristov Vadim, advisor to President Maria Gaidar and director of the clinic Intosana Dmitry Lufer.