Interregional cooperation
Recently, our experts visited the Savransky district of the Odesa region to conduct trainings on the medical team of the Center of First Medical - Sanitary Help (CFMSH) and monitor the performance indicators of the primary health care sector.

This area is one of the first to implement our guideline to build an autonomous health system.

The expert group included our executive director Veronika Kobzista and expert on healthcare from France Alexander Stoikov. They visited a new outpatient clinic in the village of Polyanetsk and conducted a training for doctors from the local CFMSH.

During the meeting, Alexander spoke about the features of the work of the French general practitioner. It performs a wider range of manipulations, which includes even simple surgical operations.

Veronica shared with doctors tools that can now ease their work - the electronic register of patients (eHealth - medical information systems) and telemedicine services.

After that, a meeting was held with the head of the Savran District Administration

Vitaly Svichynsky. Due to his determination to implement our work, the inhabitants of the area will soon feel a noticeable improvement in the state of medicine.

At the meeting, the training support for the Revival Institute of Savran's doctors was agreed.