Free Generation Forum 2016 - Annual Free Generation Forum
Our Institute became a partner of the Free Generation Forum 2016, the annual Free Generation Forum.
We live in a country where the values of freedom, self-expression, and the priority of a person over the system - 70 years were out of the law.

The medical environment remains the most regulated and deprived of rights and freedoms. This is a forced post-university placement. And the impossibility of optimizing the clinic through local initiatives.

Directives "from above" and non-admission of new technologies - drive healthcare into a crisis and cause talent losing.
Our think tank is based on the values of intellectual nonconformity and the freedom to build our own future. We believe that modern techniques and an interdisciplinary approach are capable of opening up the "see the light" reports and step-by-step strategies for success. That this will help everyone prosper in person and influence the progress of the system around.

We join the words of other international think tanks and express our gratitude to the FGF Organizing Committee for a platform to present the work of the Revival Institute to the progressive public.