How to get world-class medical education in Ukraine?
How to achieve professional prosperity for a doctor?
How to do this without leaving Ukraine?
Harvard professor Jeffrey L. Anderson and Ukrainian expert Andriy Dinyak talked about this at the second CareerLAB. This time, the Revival Institute for Future event was held in partnership with America House Kiev.
We made sure once again: the failure is not a verdict that comes from the inadequate resource of our country. Neither the quality (or rather its absence) of our medical universities nor the traditions of our hospitals is a "deadly diagnosis". Everything depends on each of us!

Everyone who was curious was convinced: American doctors are different not only because of level of their wages (like someone thinks). Most of them are qualitatively different individuals - with a different level of professional self-awareness and skills.
Crazy demanding and efficiency (working from 6 am to 18-21). Daily lectures during lunch. Permanent investments (including time) in own knowledge.

Modernity requires critical thinking skills and perseverance. US medical schools teach to think. "Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day. Teach him to fish - and you will feed him for whole life. "

The task of Ukrainian young doctors is not to look for reasons, but to improve themselves. CareerLAB generously shared the recipes from which can help to start.