Revival Institute for Future won in Hackathon "Impulse of Change"
The team of the Institute received the Special Jury Prize in "Impulse Change" Hackathon in Kharkiv.
This is already the 14th award that highlighted our techniques.

This year, the project from Revival Institute was presented by Veronika Kobzista.
She was the one who was inspired to advocate the problems of medicine in the face of the jury.
In general, the competition presented solutions in the fields of education, urbanism and culture.
However, it was precisely the problems of low-quality service in the state medical institutions managed to attract attention.

We get the support of our project by representatives of international organizations and business, experts from the Kharkiv Group of Medical Reforms.

We sincerely believe the future of medicine - in grassroots initiatives on its reformation, and in the education of our doctors!