Presentation of the Eastern Ukrainian Representative Office of the Revival Institute for Future
On June 12, Eastern Ukrainian representative office of the analytical center Revival Institute for Future was presented in Kostiantynivka, Donetsk region.

The director of the Eastern representation Oleksandr Kuzmenko and the executive director Veronika Kobzista talked about the possibility of creating autonomous healthcare systems in the communities of Donetsk.
Statistics says that 35% work places of family physicians/general practitioners are not filled. Another 40% of family doctors are at retirement age. People who deserved to retire long time ago are working at local dispensary and have scanty salary. Although every year, Ukrainian medical universities produce an average of 8,000 graduates who don't go to work places.

Today, each Community has the ability to provide primary health care to its residents. We need to use the conditions of decentralization processes and create an autonomous health care system that will help take care of people's lives right now.

"We have created detailed guidelines for the introduction of a new primary health care system in the regions. And also guidelines for adaptation physicians in this new system", - says Veronika Kobzista.