Revival Institute participated in the Round Table of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on the Development of Medical Education in Ukraine
Our account-director, Veronika Kobzista, raised the important topic of developing soft skills for medical students.
It became an indispensable need in other areas long time ago, but for the future doctor it still something like Pandora's box.
No one develops teamwork skills of medical students, no one explains what is time management, no one teaches to negotiate. Educational programs of medical universities don't keep up with the development of technologies and new techniques.
Our new project "MedGuild" is devoted to the development doctors' soft skills.

The reform of Ukrainian medicine is not only a change of structures. It is also the provision of our doctors with all the tools for successful practices in the new conditions.
We received favorable reviews on the project from the rectors of medical universities, as well as from members of the Committee. So don't stop!

We are looking for partners and coaches for our school.