3rd CareerLAB from the Revival Institute for doctors of the new generation

The traditional CareerLAB format (lecture on a medical career) is coming back.
The primary focus of the third CareerLAB was the transformation of the doctor's profession.

In the modern world everything is changing very fast, and medicine is no exception.
Today, the doctor faces new challenges. First of all managerial.

Management practice in healthcare is an art of how to determine the direction of clinic development correctly and
how to use existing resources optimally to achieve high results.
Participants of CareerLAB had an opportunity to get acquainted with the subtleties of these processes from the director of Revival Institute Vadim Aristov.

"You can be an effective leader today, and whether you will be a leader after 10 years, depends on the willingness to perceive a new reality. Continuing to learn and experiment - that's the secret of survival", - he emphasises.

At the meeting, Vadim spoke about world-class management practices at Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic. Also he talked about the first experience of the implementation of these techniques in Ukraine.